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One Love – Review! by Eff-Mai

22 Feb

The One Love night finally arrived. A party full of lesbians from all scenes thrown together with vodka and music celebrating the launch of the FindHrr app.  

The party was held in the huge nightclub Area which has impressive dance floors, two VIP sections and bars galore. You had the lesbians shimmying in the pop and chart room, grinding in the RnB room and jumping and swishing their hair like they just didn’t care in the House room.

Playing alongside the headliner Maya Jane Coles was Hannah Holland and whole range of glorious DJing talent. DJ Lady Lola from Girls Next Door and Elma Wolf from Twat Boutique were popular with the girls as well as DJ Philly from Bootylicious and DJ Izzy Trizz who most recently has been tearing up Candy Bar on a Saturday night.  

The drinks were actually reasonable. I was expecting to pay what my dress was worth for one drink but I was drinking the vodka and sodas away at five pounds each. In London that’s practically getting them for free. The bar service was a little slow but the pole dancers right next you made up for waiting.

As well as the music there were other things keeping you entertained throughout the night. Circus acts performed, you had girls doing handstands (professionals, not just drunk girls proving they can still do one) and there were magicians tricking you with cards. There were also fireworks and an unexplained bath in the VIP room.

So all in all, a bizarre but wonderful night. I spent way too much time dancing and shotting and annoying the bar staff because the pole dancer was just a bit too much for me to take my eyes off. It was weird seeing scenes mix together and celebrate with free Smirnoff drinks. What a way to spend Valentines weekend.



Pink Drinks & Lipstick Galore! The Pink Lobster Dating Launch – by Effi Mai

11 Feb

As a femme, the Pink Lobster Launch couldn’t have come quick enough. It’s a dating website for femmes to meet other femmes but not only that, it stands to change the way the lesbian world sees ladylike women. You can be girly, and you can be gay.

The party was held in the sensational nightclub The Shadow Lounge which has an impressive dance floor that looks like a moving Rubik cube and cute little cubby holes where you can talk or kiss or…kiss some more.  The place was full of women from all scenes and places ready to see what the whole thing was about.

The music was incredible. Opening was Nicolette Street who had the girls tapping their feet to the relatable lyrics, ‘All those little things I do, there’s just no getting over you.’ You can tell she really enjoys singing. There’s nothing worse than watching a performer stand up who looks like they just lost their hamster in a horrible accident involving a vacuum cleaner.

Bashema was as absurdly good as I thought she’d be, her voice sounding a cross between Eva Cassidy and Aretha Franklin. JOANovARC headlined filling the stage with their glam outfits, stylish hair and looking every bit rock and roll with their guitars and drums. Among the originals from their live album, they did a very apt cover of Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl which of course had the ladies swishing their dresses about on the dance floor.

The LGBT charity the Lproject finished off the performers with the proceeds from the night going straight to them. Everyone also sang happy birthday to Sophia Antone Malone, the Project Coordinator and singer. Sipping on a vodka and cranberry I met a lot of women who also thought the site would be a success and looked forward to getting on it and swapping details.

There was a few on the guest list from the people supporting Juliette on her venture and the bloggers and advice columnists on the site. You got a free lipgloss with your £11.50 ticket drumming the whole femme theme in even more then the pink drinks and lipstick.

Juliette and her partner Nickki were the perfect couple in their floor length gowns and showed that you can be proud to a femme. It was an amazing atmosphere, it had some marvellous music, it had skyscraper heels and it was a place you could dress up in your glitter and skirts and meet a sexy woman doing the same thing. A brilliant party and a start to something huge happening this year.


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