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Scarlett Raven: ‘The Eleventh Hour’ Private view in Mayfair

2 Oct


Central St Martins graduate Scarlett Raven was joined by celebrity fans and VIPs for the debut of her new collection at Castle Fine Art in Mayfair.

Last week, (Thursday 25th) fans and art lovers alike came together at Castle Fine Art, Mayfair to view Scarlett’s newly unveiled collection, which celebrates the meaning of flowers, in particular the humble poppy.

Scarlett was joined by TV personality, Kate Thornton, British singer songwriter Judie Tzuke, as well as Grammy award winning pop sensation, Duffy.

At just 27 years old, Scarlett is a rising star on the contemporary art scene and has already gained the support of celebrity fans such as Orlando Bloom, Take That and Lord Jonathan Marland, who are all avid collectors of her work.

The collection, which features thirty three unique pieces, includes a painting that will be donated to the Royal British Legion, and it will be auctioned to raise funds for the Poppy Ball on 30th October.

Working closely with Blippar, an augmented reality app, Scarlett’s Royal British Legion painting is an interactive piece of art, which allows audiences to experience the deconstruction and the processes behind her artwork from start to finish. This enabled guests and clients to experience Scarlett’s artwork through an engaging and immersive medium.

Helen Roden, Castle Fine Art, Mayfair’s gallery manager, said: “We are so pleased to unveil Scarlett Raven’s bold new collection to our clients and fans of her work.

“It is particularly poignant in this, the centenary of the beginning of World War I that she has chosen the poppy as the centrepiece of her work.

“It is an incredibly emotive collection, so it comes as no surprise that Raven’s work has already had a lot of interest, including a growing celebrity fan base.”

Having already been cited as a ‘Van Gogh in the making’, Raven’s vivacious attitude towards life and nature is reflected in her artwork.

Her unique abstract technique of intricately incorporating everyday items such as rope, wood, fabric and wax into her artwork create pieces that hold the most fragile of meanings despite their heavy structure.

Speaking of her debut, Scarlett said: “I can’t believe how incredibly lucky and thankful I am to be able to display my ‘Eleventh Hour’ collection at Castle Fine Art in Mayfair.

“This collection is my most emotive and ambitious yet and the growth of poppy fields amongst our fallen soldiers truly ignites the passion of the public and remains closely rooted in our consciousness as a symbol of remembrance.

“I am so overwhelmed and moved by the amount of support I have received during the launch of my collection and all I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Scarlett Raven’s new collection is now on display at Castle Fine Art, Mayfair (address 24 Bruton Street, W1J 6QQ) and is free of charge to view until 11 October.

For more information please visit or telephone the gallery directly on 020 3588 0011.


Book Review: Playing my Love by Angela Peach

28 May


If you like intense romance and well drawn out characters that you can actually care about – then Playing my Love is the book for you. A lesbian love story set against a believable back drop, Playing my Love is a down to earth romance novel and a massively engaging read.

Alison and her husband Grey have moved to the country due to a devastating change of circumstances which will impact both of their lives. As Alison comes to terms with how her life will change she meets the much younger student Darcy, who seems to understand and bring her out of her depression. A passionate attraction develops between them but also an all consuming love that neither of them expect. As their relationship develops tentatively – over some pretty hot guitar lessons – Alison must hold back due to her marriage to Grey and the secret she is keeping from Darcy about him.

Playing my Love is certainly a tender novel full of romance but also some laughs, and characters that made me read the whole book through in one sitting – I literally couldn’t put it down. The rocky journey of the two main characters, both holding back their feelings from each other, is an equally gripping story-line. Unfortunately there’s a couple of plot holes, or I possibly just didn’t relate to the character’s motives, but this didn’t stop my enjoyment of the book – I was hooked on Alison and Darcy’s whirlwind romance from the start.

The book has two alternate endings which I have to say I wasn’t a fan of, while they were both good reads they stopped the flow of the book and my engagement with the characters. 

Overall however Playing my Love is a great read, perfect for any holidays you’ve got planned lazing on the beach, or cheering up your afternoon on a rainy day in London!

Playing my Love is available through our bookshop!

6 Signs You Should Run from the Bitch

19 May


by Anisa Easterbrook

So you’ve found a new girl, she seems pretty cool, likes the things you like, your friends like her and you may even fall for the girl. Hold up. Before giving your all and promising her the world there are a few alarm bell signs that you should be aware of. Everyone has flaws, embrace them, but after a series of unfortunate relationships, I obliged to warn other fellow lesbians when it is time to just stop, think and run from the bitch.


1. Possessiveness

This should be an alarm bell but not to be confused with protecting or caring. BUT if your new girl is checking your phone and asking who you are messaging within the first few weeks of meeting, this is a sign that something is just not right. Possessiveness means insecurity and insecurity leads to all sorts of problems. When a girl is super insecure it means they are constantly on edge that you are going to leave them or cheat and there’s nothing you can do or say to make them feel differently. Everyone has their insecurities but just be careful to notice when it’s extreme or not.


2. Confused about their sexuality

I realise this may be an obvious one but just bear in mind if you are a girl’s ‘first’ you carry a lot of responsibility. It’s a confusing time for them, we’ve all been there but she could freak out and either completely latch onto you fast or more likely run away from both you and her sexuality. So hold back a bit, take things slow and try not to get too attached just yet.


3. Leaving shit in your room

Okay, so she may have just genuinely have accidently left something in your room but if you start to feel like it’s intentional and 3 days after meeting her – run from dat bitch man! In my experience, it can be anything from an earring, a top or even shoes. This is a controlling method of when they can next see you. They might be like ‘well I really need [insert item left] this back for work’ or whatever and therefore be the deciders of when they can and can’t see you.


4. Hard-core Druggies and Raging Alcoholics

Yeah. Stay away from them. And don’t try and do that weird thing where you think you can ‘save’ her. You can’t.


5. Sob stories on first date

If this bitch is crying to you about some horrendous, tragic life story within the first few times of meeting her and she is not wasted, it may just be time to run from the bitch. The sob story type of girl is constantly seeking attention and this will eventually get on your tits and you’ll tire of constantly being like ‘oh babe. I’m so sorry’. It’s weird. Most people will not share personal traumas until you know them really well.


6. Lesbians who enjoy male attention

If your girl has a small army of male followers be a little weary, they may just be her mates but mates don’t constantly flirt or make sex jokes with each other. If your girl is this type she’ll flirt with men on nights out and it’ll become really fucking annoying. Run from dat bitch.


So girls, the last bit advice of you I have to offer of surviving London as a lesbian is: if you’re serious about it, look at their past relationships; how long ago did they break up? Have all of their relationships been short-lived? If so you gotta wonder why. And.. listen and watch how I met your mother – I’m not kidding – The hot-crazy scale is a thing. Study it religiously. Make sure she’s hotter than she is crazy.


Review: Lesbian Prom

1 Apr



What can we say that hasn’t already been said about Lesbian Prom? We realise this review is late… to be fair it’s been all systems go in the Girl Guide London camp; we’ve been tweeting, attending events, checking out new sites (more on that later!) and by the time we realised we had shamefully not written our review of the Prom so many articles and praises had already been put out there. We could just not bother – it’s pretty late in the day – but this review has to be written, it needs to be written, not just for us but for you – we just have to say how much fun we had at Lesbian Prom!

Organised by the girls behind MissFit – Effi Mai Paul and Sandra Davenport, they brought their relaxed and upbeat vibe to the party, roped in some excellent acts and ensured the night was a success.

Taking over every inch of popular – and massive – London venue Scala, Lesbian Prom was an ambitious undertaking, but the MissFit girls nailed it. There were four rooms of acts and DJs, including the popular Boi Box (@BoiBoxSoho) with Adam All Drag and Apple Derrieres overseeing some great drag cabaret fun. Elsewhere the hugely talented Lauren Mayberry from fab band Chvrches DJ’d playing some corking tunes and keeping the crowds dancing.

The main room was a sea of dancing lesbians (this was definitely my kind of night!) and things really kicked off when Charlie XCX and band got going at about 1 am. The leading lady looked amazing wearing retro sunglasses indoors (as you do) and dancing around the stage insanely, the crowd loving it.

We managed to bag VIP tickets so of course had to check out the bar and enjoy our free glass of bubbly and goody-bag (complete with Sh! Women’s Store bullet – my kind of goody bag).

Coming down from our VIP castle, girls were having fun all over the venue, there were some fantastic outfits with partiers really making an effort and going for the Prom theme – so tuxes and pink dresses galore! I felt pretty swish in my silk bowtie and shirt I have to say!

All in all a fantastic success of a night! It’s great that MissFit are putting on these types of parties; Lesbian Prom was not only a crazy-fun night out just for us girls, in my opinion it’s helped put the London lesbian scene squarely back on the map. Bring on Lesbian Prom 2!

Interview: Behind the scenes of ‘She Walks in Beauty’

23 Nov


We’ve all dreamt about being in the movies, right? Come on admit it, you’ve thought about your name up in lights starring in a fantastic success of a film. It’s a fun dream, but how about making it a reality? What if I told you a critically acclaimed director is on the hunt for a new star, that auditions were open to anyone however much acting experience you have; and on top of this the project is a great new film depicting lesbians in an innovative and exciting new way. Believe it or not this is actually happening. The film in question is ‘She Walks in Beauty’, to be directed by the award winning Nicole Conn. The audition process is a tried and tested formula that previously discovered Jessica Clark, who went on to star in ‘A Perfect Ending’ and vampire series ‘True Blood’. But auditions are only the beginning of what is shaping up to be a fantastic film that won’t be your average lesbian flick. She Walks in Beauty promises to be a bold statement in the world of LGBT and particularly lesbian movies, changing the way lesbians are depicted and taking us into the mainstream.

We wanted to find out more about this intriguing project and audition  process, so we caught up with the people behind it; Elaine Sturgess, executive producer of the film, and Juliette Prais, MD of Pink Lobster Dating, the fantastic ‘femme for femme’ dating site, and the only site where you can upload your video auditions for ‘She Walks in Beauty’.


What inspired you to get involved in this project with Nicole Conn to find a new actress for her movie?

 JP: When Elaine, the executive producer, got in touch about this project I was incredibly excited about getting involved. Elaine believes in the importance of working together as a community, and this is also our ethos at Pink Lobster Dating.  We love working with both individuals and organisations in order to promote LGBTQ causes and opportunities. For me it is vital that we work together to get lesbian movies more widespread. It is also wonderful to give women who would not otherwise get the opportunity, to audition for roles of this magnitude. The fact that I can help find the next big star through the means of video auditioning on Pink Lobster Dating is an added bonus!

 ES: I watched Elena Undone (2010, Directed by Nicole Conn) two years ago and it had a deep impact on me because it echoed my story with my partner – and so I got in touch with Nicole and ended up donating to the making of A Perfect Ending. After going to the premiers of the movie in San Francisco and LA and spending time with Nicole over the last year, we decided to join forces in the making of her new movie She Walks in Beauty.

What is ‘She Walks in Beauty’ about?

ES: It’s the tale of two women, whose stories are an echo of each other, set a century apart. Spencer is an ambitious driven woman who finds success in Hollywood and gets sucked into the hedonistic lifestyle, eventually losing everything in a whirl of sexual abandon, drink and drugs. She moves to a remote cottage on the East coast and reflects on her past to try to find out what drove her to the destruction in her life and in doing so, she returns to what she loves and knows best – writing. She pens the story of Byron, set in the louche world of 1920’s literary Paris – and in doing so reconnects with her life and soul.

So… anyone can audition??

 JP: I was amazed when I discovered how easy it is to audition. It still doesn’t seem real, but it is! All women of any age and sexuality can apply and it’s so wonderful that we can offer the chance for applicants to video audition on Pink Lobster Dating. There has been a lot of interest so far and women are genuinely excited about the incredible opportunities available. Still I think many don’t believe it…!

 ES: Literally anyone can apply, whether they have previous acting experience or not. Pink Lobster Dating have set up a great way to do that because they have the video upload facility – it’s great for us in casting terms to be able to see those who are wanting to have their chance in the spotlight. All submissions will also go through the website and we will select around 100 to read for one of the roles at the iConn Movie Convention in Brighton on the weekend of 11th/12th January 2014. We’ll then call back around 30 for chemistry sessions (kissing!) and then a shortlist of 20 will be open to a vote online.


What do you think of the lesbian movies that are around today?

JP: The biggest problem is the presumption that lesbian movies are either porn or made for men or both. Or they go the other way and can often become a political statement. We need more films showing women falling in love – simple. We also need lesbian movies to be accepted in the mainstream so that their budgets can increase thereby providing opportunities to make more high quality movies in this genre.  It’s also important that the LGBTQ community gains more role models as there are currently not enough in the UK.

ES: There aren’t enough (and most certainly not enough in the UK!)  and there’s a real mix of quality. Mainly because funding for these projects is so limited and resources generally are very thin on the ground. Standards are improving, slowly, but it’s essential that we start to expand beyond the lesbian niche into the mainstream to encourage more funding and support for this genre. Hopefully the exposure of movies like Blue is the Warmest Colour, despite all the contentious issues around it, will help to start addressing this.

What makes ‘She walks in beauty’ different??

 JP:  It’s set as both a modern and period piece. What makes Nicole Conn’s movies different in general is her way of highlighting that we can sometimes fall in love with the person regardless of our supposed sexualities. She therefore shows the reality of sexual fluidity amongst women. Importantly for us at Pink Lobster Dating she also shows women of all types and does not maintain age old stereotyping of lesbians. It also gives women in the UK a chance to feature in a Hollywood movie without having to live in LA and go through the gruelling processes over there!

ES: It’s the first transatlantic project for Nicole – and it’s an epic!

What direction would you like to see lesbian movies go?

JP: Ideally we would have movies with both lesbians and heterosexuals as the main characters. They would also not be labelled ‘lesbian’ and seen as ‘genre’ films. They would simply be romantic movies and be granted the same respect as heterosexual movies. Hopefully in the long term when lesbians stop being constantly seen as male fantasy figures, women falling in love in the movies will be able to be appreciated in the right way!

ES: Encouraging audiences to accept that they are compelling and interesting stories in their own right rather than focusing on the central characters being lesbian is the core challenge. It’s a long process and unfortunately with limited resources at our disposal, getting the message out is really tough. We have found that with A Perfect Ending and Elena Undone, once we are able to get the movies in front of mainstream audiences, they appreciate it for its story and Nicole has had letters from many people letting her know that it has changed their perceptions and attitudes. It’s a battle worth fighting.


What’s your goal for making She Walks in Beauty?

 ES: We want to make She Walks in Beauty the biggest selling lesbian movie ever and create ways to expand reach to have our stories heard to a wider audience. It’s a serious challenge to secure both mainstream media coverage and distribution for movies in this genre and our aim is break down some of the barriers.

JP: It is vital that we work to help bring lesbian movies to the mainstream. This unique concept of open auditions for anyone, enables a wider press angle and therefore hopefully the chance for everyone to learn about lesbian genre films and not simply lesbians. I watch romantic movies about heterosexuals and thoroughly enjoy them; why should this not be the other way around as well?!

* Juliette Prais has updated with the following announcement: ‘The casting and convention in the UK are being postponed due to Nicole Conn’s announcement about her son’s health issues.  All auditions on Pink Lobster Dating will continue to be forwarded onto Elaine, the Executive Producer.  Pink Lobster Dating will make an announcement on the site with more details once they have been released.’

Chica Bonita – Review!

1 Nov


This week saw the return of monthly night Chica Bonita, landing itself once again at Candy Bar with a bang for a Halloween special – and we were there to party with the CB girls!

Chica Bonita is a new take on the average girl night out. It has a definite identity and ethos, which is to celebrate femininity – and have fun while doing it! Modelled on a gentlemen’s club, Chica Bonita has tailored it’s night for women, whether they are gay, bisexual or curious.

The stand out feature that makes the Chica Bonita experience are the array of dancers who perform throughout the night. Wearing amazing costumes (which don’t stay on for long), the dancers salsa, twirl and acrobat their way through some top tunes, as well as doing things with a pole you wouldn’t think possible within the laws of gravity.

The performers are specially picked for the Chica Bonita night to appeal to an all female clientele, their acts being more than just a striptease. Dancer Domino is one example, her sexy androgynous style coupled with her ‘wow’ inducing dance moves is not something you’d see in Spearmint Rhino… The ladies were definitely falling for her, bit like a stack of – well – dominoes. (Sorry…)

Chica Bonita also employs some great live music acts, including singers, bands and this month, rap artist Elektric (Twitter- @E1ektric). At one point Elektric’s act was mingled with a dance performance to create an erotic rap act, something I’ve never come across before don’t think I’m likely to again!

The atmosphere on the night was relaxed and fun as well as pretty sensual with the dancers floating around the dance floor after each of their performances. A refreshingly varied mix of women made up the night ranging from all ages. The music – this week provided by the fab Izzy Trixx – also varied from top 40 pop and RnB to some dark gothic rock that blended with the performances on stage.

I had a great night, meeting new people, watching some fantastic acts and even getting to chat up not one, but two gorgeous dancers! Mind you, this is a usual night out for me, I’m always beset with beautiful performers to chat up. Ok maybe not – but this was made possible at Chica Bonita! So get down there next time it’s on and enjoy the experience!

Top 5 mid-week nights out!

12 Oct

This post originally appeared on the Dattch website – Dattch is the social app for lesbians – Check it out!

The Girl Guide London team have taken over this week’s Top 5 and are telling us about the best mid-week nights out, because Tuesdays are the new Fridays, right?

We’ve all had that Sunday night feeling; it’s  been a blast, you’ve had a couple of fab nights out  and survived the hangover, but now the weekend’s over – and you’ve got a full five working days until it’s back again.  But why wait for the weekend? There are some great nights out just for us girls pretty much every day of the week! If you’ve got the stamina, here’s the Girl Guide London list of top 5 mid week parties.

chick habit

Chick Habit  (Thursdays at Candy Bar) -Long running indie and live music night, Chick Habit at Candy Bar is a fun night out and a great warm-up to the weekend. Boasting some amazingly talented singers and DJs, Chick Habit is refreshingly different to the usual lesbian party offerings. A combination of cool music, drinks and of course girls, makes this the perfect party – and not on a weekend!


bar wotever

Bar Wotever (Tuesdays Royal Vauxhall Tavern) –  Queer night Bar Wotever from Woteverworld is a fun fuelled night where anything goes. Filled with cabaret acts, performance, dance and music you are guaranteed to be entertained. Woteverworld have cultivated a budding community of performers and guests making this night relaxed and fun. Don’t miss their queer film fests too!


chica bonita

Chica Bonita (Monthly, Wednesday at Candy Bar) – This is a fairly new night to London but it has burst onto the scene with a bang. Modelling itself as an exclusive ladies club this is a sexy, sensual night out complete with beautiful dancers, live music, and a sophisticated but relaxed atmosphere. A great location for dates and intimate drinks, check out CB – we’re keeping our eye on this one!


blue monday

Blue Mondays (Monthly, Mondays at The Boogaloo) – Cheer up your Mondays with this excellent live music night. Let yourself relax in the cool atmosphere of The Boogaloo and listen to the sultry sounds of Miri Hersh, Rosered, Vans and guests. Chilled out, fun and boasting some excellent music, Blue Mondays is a great night to look forward to when feeling those Sunday blues!


ruby tuesdays

Ruby Tuesdays  (Tuesdays at Ku Bar) – This list just wouldn’t be complete without Ruby! A staple and firm favourite, Ruby Tuesdays is the perfect party to liven up your week. With DJs Sandra D and Izzy Trixx playing the best top 40 and RnB, plus hot women taking up every inch of the dance floor, you can rely on Ruby for a fun-filled night. So throw caution to the wind, down that shot and resign yourself to the hangover at work – it’ll be worth it!

Review – Chvrches DJ set @ Chick Habit

28 Sep

Thursday was a fab night at Chick Habit as they managed to secure a DJ set from Chvrches, or more accurately Lauren Mayberry the lead singer of the band. Chick Habit is a great night out every Thursday at Candy Bar, hosting live acts and DJs spinning some top indie and pop tunes – so I was really excited when they announced this DJ set only a week before.

Chvrches have been going from strength to strength this year, performing at festivals, TV appearances on Jools Holland and nominees for BBC’s Sound of 2013. Their infectious, electro-pop sound has a wide appeal. Lauren’s simple yet soaring vocals perfectly compliment samples and synths, creating brilliant and uplifting songs that you just can’t help but dance to. Their new album The Bones of What you Believe is out now with fantastic reviews!

There was a great atmosphere at Candy Bar as DJs AmyB, Phoebe & Chloe warmed up the crowd. Just after 11 pm and armed with a can of Strongbow the Scottish beauty – or Lauren – arrived taking over the decks. The set was a mixture of fun and dancey tunes, perfect for a night out. There was some crowd pleasers and some songs that took us all by surprise; everyone got dancing to Azealia Banks’ 212, there was a bit of Katy Perry, Hole, as well as some 80’s classics. To be honest I was supposed to be making notes of what she played for this review but I instantly forgot about that once the songs started up – sorry guys. My note taking went out the window as I danced happily to pop and indie tunes – the rest of the crowd dancing too – us all soaking up the laid-back and friendly atmosphere.

Hunched over the laptop, cute and pixie-like Lauren seemed nervous at first but soon got into the set. She was very sociable, having no problems saying hello to fans, taking pictures with people and having mini conversations in between lining up tunes. I nervously went up to her to shake her hand and she was all smiles and conversation. After telling her how great Chvrches were at Field Day festival this summer she thanked me graciously and said she preferred small gigs and meeting people, which I thought was charming.

The set ended too soon with a blast of Madonna – again taking the crowd by surprise but not stopping the dancing. There wasn’t much in the way of the synthy electro I was expecting but everyone was happy and buzzing during the set and I couldn’t hear any complaints.

Well done Chick Habit! Fantastic night with one fantastic DJ. Maybe she could get a permanent slot at Candy..? Now there’s a thought!

Girl Guide London –

Halbwelt Kultur – Review!

31 Aug

Halbwelt Kultur is a cabaret show with a difference. Boasting a host of great songs, evocative acting and dancing with just the right amount of history and politics thrown in – it certainly delivers on so many levels.

Based in 1920’s Berlin during the decedent time of the Weimar Republic, Halbwelt Kultur is made up of 7 vignettes, giving us a glimpse into the lives of women from the era. Through music, dance and performance we are introduced to each woman, including cabaret icons and political revolutionaries. There’s Valeska Gert, boundary-pushing expressionist dancer, Claire Waldorff, openly gay entertainer, (with a fantastic drag cabaret performance), and Rosa Luxembourg, communist activist, shot dead during a political uprising.

As we explore the different facets of the women of Berlin the audience is treated to some excellent cabaret songs and dance, energetically performed by the Halbwelt girls in some rather sexy period lingerie! In swinging wildly from burlesque performances to political motifs Halbwelt Kultur runs the risk of demeaning the more serious themes; however the show handles this masterfully. The audience are transported seamlessly between vignettes, the music and performances allowing the atmosphere to change effortlessly, with none of the characters or stories losing their integrity. One notable example of this was the vignette featuring Anita Berberm, alcoholic and drug addicted dancer. Here the provocative and emotionally charged performance perfectly depicted Berberm’s character and culminated in a fantastically choreographed dance piece, respectfully paying homage to an icon.

Halbwelt Kultur transports the audience into the seedy, dark but creative and vibrant Berlin of the 1920’s. It also gives us an enlightening portrait of these cultural female icons. In this way I felt the show was certainly relevant today, the feminist themes and brazen sexuality resonate with the surge in action for gender equality and gay rights issues we’ve seen in recent times.

But enough of the social/political talk! Yes you can meditate on the various themes Halbwelt Kultur throws up, but also go for the fantastic, fun cabaret show it is – the great live music and performances, dancing and singing, that make this show one of the hottest tickets around!


Play Time!

27 Aug

Lately, I’ve noticed a few more theatre listings than normal on our site, so I thought I’d mention them in a bit more detail:

Sappho, the Halbwelt Kultur musical and Springtide are all coming to a theatre near you!



Sappho is described as a ‘lesbians Midsummers Nights Dream’.

Directed by Victor Sobchak and hosted at the Theatre Collection in Camden, “Saphho is a riotous romp across the slippery terrain of lesbian romance, as the goddesses on Olympus come down to earth to recruit among Sappho and her followers.


28 August to 15 September (Wednesday to Saturday 7.30pm, and on Sundays at 6 PM). 

Venue: Theatre Collection, 51 Camden Park Road, London NW1 9BH

 Get tickets.  Sappho on Facebook

Halbrelt Kultur

The Halbrelt Kultur is a new musical cabaret presenting snapshot vignettes of seven highly influential Weimar Republic women, including inspiring gay cabaret artiste Claire Waldoff, set against the sound of the period’s finest songs and the backdrop of the rise of World War II. image taken from Halbrelt Kultur FB page

Join the cast of beautiful women for a decadent evening of music, story telling and dancing in the beautiful surroundings of the Battersea Mess & Music Hall in Clapham Junction.

This Cabaret conjures,  re-creates and pays homage to seven legendary women from the intriguing tantalizing and scandalous Wiemar Republic. “Featuring a live band and seven beautiful women, the show immerses the audience in Weimar history and culture, both artistic and political. It narrates stories of the actresses, singers, writers and revolutionaries who became the icons of their various fields, and stitches monologue with some of the best cabaret songs of all time to form a rich tapestry of Weimar life. Tap into the life of courtroom journalist Gabriele Tergit as she recounts the trial of Adolf Hitler; pay a visit to Marlene Dietrich as you discover things you never knew about this Hollywood icon; salute socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg as she rallies the troops and indulge in a provocative performance by the alcoholic drug addict Anita Berber.”

Thursday 29th August, 8pm-10.30pm show
Friday 30th August, 8pm-10.30pm show + Live Music & Vintage DJ set until 1am

Venue: Battersea Mess & Music Hall, 51 Lavender Gardens, London, SW11 1DJ

£12 Early bird tickets:


The Spring Tide


Also running throughout September 3 to the 21 is spring tide by Carl vine And  directed by Graham Hubbard.  ‘A gripping love story about Suzy’s struggle with her sexuality’

“Suzy has loved Lan her whole life, or so it seems. A world without Lan in it would be unimaginable. But the strongest feelings are also the most dangerous, and Suzy is afraid.  Instead of Lan, she opts for a life of safety, convincing herself over the years that this is the right path.

But even as life’s circumstances pull them apart, still they are drawn to one another by a deep and irresistible bond that is inevitable as the tide. After years apart, Lan’s final return shatters everything Suzy has made her own – a home, a husband, a son.  As her world begins to unravel, Suzy must confront her fears and her desire. A decision must be made, whatever the cost.”

3-21st September | Tues-Sat 7:30pm  | Sat&Sun 3:00pm
Tickets £15/£12

The Spring Tide – read more..

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