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Review: Miss Dynamite @ MissFit Easter Thursday

23 Apr


The bank holiday weekend was heralded in by the MissFit girls in style with a special party featuring Miss Dynamite. We headed down there for some 90’s vibes, pop and DnB Miss Dynamitee-ee style.

MissFit put on a flurry of nights over the bank holiday in what must have been a tequila fuelled extravaganza, starting Thursday through to Sunday – not sure how they survived!  Miss Dynamite was the first of the parties at trendy Blueberry Bar in Shoreditch.

I’m afraid I have to say the £15 “early bird” ticket fee seemed a bit steep, especially as I have seen Miss Dynamite live for less… but in the holiday spirit I bought tickets knowing the night would be fun.

I wasn’t disappointed, Blueberry bar was a great venue and the music was pumping with top 90’s tunes by the time we arrived, getting everyone on the dance floor.

Unfortunately however the night got off to a slightly rocky start with a less than warm welcome from the lady on the door. After ignoring us as we came in were then shouted at for trying to enter the bar… She stamped each of our wrists and after putting our coats away we tried to enter the bar once more and were duly shouted at AGAIN – this time for not showing her the stamps she had just inked onto our wrists not two minutes before. I wasn’t impressed – when spending money on a night out I expect a nicer welcome!

But enough of that. The night certainly got better and soon enough I was dancing to some great tunes. There was a fun crowd there with girls chatting away and dancing, the bank holiday vibe clearly helping everyone to relax and enjoy themselves.

At about 1.30 Miss Dynamite came on and all of a sudden I found myself at the back of the room having been stampeded by a pretty eager crowd! Miss Dynamite didn’t disappoint – she put on an energetic and fun performance, opening with her classics  “Dy-na-mi-tee” and “It Takes More”. Then came some newer songs but still equally as popular with the crowd such as “What you talkin bout”. Some early sound problems held up proceedings but she handled them quickly and easily. There was massive helpings of Garage, Drum & Bass and of course soulful singing and rapping from Dynamite. Mid-way through the set an impromptu rap-come-poem celebrating women hushed the crowd; there was no music just words – it was a great moment. But then it was back to business as usual with Dynamite jumping and dancing around the stage, getting the whole crowd dancing with her.

All in all it was a great night out and a fitting, if slightly expensive start to the bank holiday.


Review: SHE Bar Soho

25 Feb


Review by Anisa Easterbrook

As we all know and are truly sad about, our hometown Candy Bar closed down towards the end of last year. However, ‘out of the ashes’ a host of new bars and nights have opened up centrally, including ‘She’, launched in January. Run by girls only and found in the heart of Soho – the first lesbian bar on Old Compton Street – ‘She’ is helping save the Soho lesbian club scene.

I rocked up on Valentine’s Day to check out the new venue (and stop myself from drinking a bottle of wine to myself whilst crying to Adele). The door is discreet and if it weren’t for the queue of buzzing girls lined up I might’ve missed it. Everyone was excited to see the new go-to place.

The time passed quickly and soon enough I was heading down the steep stairs descending into what looked like a lesbian haven. So many girls.

Okay, so the bar is smaller than Candy, but it surprisingly fits a lot of people. Les-be-honest though, the smaller the venue the closer you can get to the hot girl you’ve been eyeing up all night.


The bar is split into two different sections. It is a dimly lit bar and lined with cute little glass tables, candles and faux leather chairs creating a classy, romantic atmosphere. Walk into the next room however and you’ll enter a steamy, rammed bar and dance floor.

Drinks prices are reasonable for central at £4.20 for a vodka mixer and £3.70 for bottled beer. The bar also has a varied cocktail menu and Sunday to Thursday it is 2-4-£10 on selected cocktails!

DJ Hazel Soze was the lady of the night on the decks and she blared out some pop chart toppers which got everyone up and grinding.

While Saturday nights showcase top DJ’s, weekdays at ‘She’ are filled with the best of the old Candy Bar events, including indie night Chick Habit and drag cabaret party Boi Box. ‘She’ should be a great new home to those missing Candy Bar.

Soho, do not despair, ‘She’ has lived up to expectations and faith in the Soho lesbian community surviving has been restored.


Review: Winter Pride

12 Feb


London’s first ever Winter Pride took place last week and we were there to find out what all the hype was about!

It was a long trip to Wapping Tobacco Dock where the party took place but we were definitely convinced it was the right venue when we arrived. Utilising every inch of the Tobacco Dock warehouse Winter Pride certainly did feel like a festival – indoors!

The warehouse was completely transformed with stages, attractions, displays and stalls. A games room complete with ping pong tables was flanked by a mini market and art instillation room. Walking around there were some fantastic acts on stage, dancing or performing burlesque in some amazing costumes. Over the top drag queens and performers roamed through the party giving the place a festival-magic feel.

A range of different rooms hosted some popular LGBT parties including Salsa night Exilio, One Love, Work and – my favourite –  Popstarz. DJ El Conchitas kept the party going in the Popstarz room playing some crowd pleasing pop, RnB and 90’s classics.

Refreshingly there were a lot of women at the party, in my view possibly outnumbering the men! This was pretty exciting for me, and is probably thanks to the hard work of event organiser Nicola Chubb (CODE, L-Wired), and her popular lesbian parties.

A couple of things let Winter Pride down in our opinion, firstly the lack of toilets! This was kind of a serious issue with only ten toilets to be found for well over a thousand people. The queues were long, but on the flip side I met some great people – nothing brings people together quite like a long wait in a toilet queue! Secondly the large venue meant that some areas felt empty, which didn’t help with the atmosphere. If Winter Pride carries on however we’re sure it will get even more popular, and these empty areas will be filled. Just make sure there’s enough toilets! (Have we talked about the toilets enough..?)

Overall however we loved the party and had an amazing gay-fuelled night. It was so much like a festival we thought it could have benefited from starting earlier and being more of a day event – with activities and attractions that went into the evening party. Just an idea guys!

We hope Winter Pride will be back next year. It was an awesome party on a scale I’ve not come across before and with so much effort and attention to detail! Organisers should be proud of themselves. They certainly gave Summer Pride a run for it’s money!

Review: MissFit

28 Jan


Review by Anisa Easterbrook, Photography: Tania Mundell

MissFit’s policy of ‘no dickheads’ does not reflect who can and can’t come through the door. East London’s new lesbian night held in the basement of Stoke Newington’s ‘Stokey Stop’ nightclub is open to straight, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

I don’t know if this is a problem for other lesbians, but living in halls my friends often complain about not being able to join me on lesbian nights due to strict door policies. This event is ideal for East London’s girls and their friends who do not fancy trekking half the city for a decent night out!

I arrived at around 11 while it was still pretty quiet but this allowed me to get a good look at the venue. Come 11:30 however, the floor was filled with stylish East end girls rocking snapbacks, spiked leather jackets, vibrant hair and bandanas. All round the club had a very chilled atmosphere created by the diverse crowd in both age and style.

The basement is intimate but not cramped. The dim lighting and comfortably sized room allows the crowd to rub elbows and chat a little bit more with each other.


Being a student means I’m pretty broke all the time so if you’re in the same predicament as me, fear not, MissFit has free entry for the whole of January and after this month it will only be £3 at the door – so still super cheap. The drinks prices are also fairly reasonable at only £4.20 a vodka mixer, plus drinks deals on beers and cocktails.

The music is brought to us by Ruby Tuesdays resident DJ – Sandra D who plays a concoction of old school pop, 90’s RnB (yes Sean Paul came on) and chart music.  Also this week was guest DJ Caz Coronal who really got the party going with a great set – there were top tunes spanning from 90’s rock to current pop faves.

The night ends at 2 am but if you’re not ready to go home yet you can always head on down to an after-party at Dalston Superstore. Depending on the event, Superstore is usually open until the early hours of the morning.

If all this hasn’t sold you yet, there is a Dixie’s chicken shop directly opposite the club. That’s right, no travelling to get your drunken, cheeky fix of greasy fried foods.

So, Soho girls, if you’re looking for a change from your usual scene I highly recommend venturing away from central and checking out this quirky and alternative night.

GGL Run down of 2013

28 Dec

It’s been a busy year on the scene in lesbian London! There’s been a lot of changes, highs and lows. Here’s our run down of 2013.

Theatre and Film

LGBT Theatre and in particular female leading casts and lesbian themed films were centre stage this year. Halbwelt Kultur was a hugely popular show based on the women of the Weimar Republic and dealing with some famous lesbian relationships, this show went from strength to strength this year. Then there was the Canne’s Palme, d’Or winner Blue is the Warmest Colour, a coming of age tale realistically depicting a lesbian relationship warts and all which wowed audiences everywhere. Other theatre mentions include Sappho and Spring Tide.

Candy Bar announces it’s closing

The iconic Candy Bar announced this year that it will be closing it’s doors in Jan 2014 after an increase in rent and the economic downturn meant that it could not feasibly stay open in future. Candy Bar has been open since the 1990’s and became the most popular lesbian bar in London. It has a variety of nights on appealing to a range of tastes and a few years ago featured in a documentary about lesbians in London, ‘Candy Bar Girls’. It was recently taken over by the Ku bar group and refurbished but despite all of this tough economic times still got the better of it.  Never fear however! Candy Bar will be moving to the Ku Bar on Frith Street! So no need to panic ladies, Candy Bar’s new incarnation will be with us soon with a host of parties in Soho for women!

New bars and nights

A host of exciting and innovative new nights appeared this year including the fun and fancy free TLC, the concept night, Create, and new east London night Culture Clash. Plus of course new bar Labels on Frith Street – another great space for lesbians in the heart of Soho.

Special mentions

Lot’s of exciting parties have been on for lesbians this year making 2013 a more eclectic one for lesbians looking for great nights out. Chica Bonita appeared at Candy Bar with it’s special brand of female party, celebrating women with some very talented dancers and performers. Unskinny Bop moved back to it’s spiritual home at the Star of Bethnal Green pub and is still going strong as one of the best queer nights on the scene. Live music night Chick Habit at Candy Bar managed to bag Chvrches singer Lauren Mayberry for a DJ set, and band HAIM. Cabaret and queer nights took hold at Candy Bar with Adam All Drag’s (@AdamAll_Drag) special brand of party – Boi Box. Other nights still drawing in the London lesbian crowd in droves include our faves Southbank Surfing, Bijou Cocktail Social and Bar Wotever.

Looking forward

Next year should see some fantastic nights lined up including the Lesbian Prom in March – a huge event at Scala; plus the first ever Winter Pride from the L-Wired ladies. With Candy Bar moving to Frith street we can’t wait to see what nights they’ll have on for us there, plus who knows what’s in store all over London?? We’ll be sure to let you know!

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Pink Drinks & Lipstick Galore! The Pink Lobster Dating Launch – by Effi Mai

11 Feb

As a femme, the Pink Lobster Launch couldn’t have come quick enough. It’s a dating website for femmes to meet other femmes but not only that, it stands to change the way the lesbian world sees ladylike women. You can be girly, and you can be gay.

The party was held in the sensational nightclub The Shadow Lounge which has an impressive dance floor that looks like a moving Rubik cube and cute little cubby holes where you can talk or kiss or…kiss some more.  The place was full of women from all scenes and places ready to see what the whole thing was about.

The music was incredible. Opening was Nicolette Street who had the girls tapping their feet to the relatable lyrics, ‘All those little things I do, there’s just no getting over you.’ You can tell she really enjoys singing. There’s nothing worse than watching a performer stand up who looks like they just lost their hamster in a horrible accident involving a vacuum cleaner.

Bashema was as absurdly good as I thought she’d be, her voice sounding a cross between Eva Cassidy and Aretha Franklin. JOANovARC headlined filling the stage with their glam outfits, stylish hair and looking every bit rock and roll with their guitars and drums. Among the originals from their live album, they did a very apt cover of Katy Perry’s I kissed a girl which of course had the ladies swishing their dresses about on the dance floor.

The LGBT charity the Lproject finished off the performers with the proceeds from the night going straight to them. Everyone also sang happy birthday to Sophia Antone Malone, the Project Coordinator and singer. Sipping on a vodka and cranberry I met a lot of women who also thought the site would be a success and looked forward to getting on it and swapping details.

There was a few on the guest list from the people supporting Juliette on her venture and the bloggers and advice columnists on the site. You got a free lipgloss with your £11.50 ticket drumming the whole femme theme in even more then the pink drinks and lipstick.

Juliette and her partner Nickki were the perfect couple in their floor length gowns and showed that you can be proud to a femme. It was an amazing atmosphere, it had some marvellous music, it had skyscraper heels and it was a place you could dress up in your glitter and skirts and meet a sexy woman doing the same thing. A brilliant party and a start to something huge happening this year.

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