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Halbwelt Kultur – Review!

31 Aug

Halbwelt Kultur is a cabaret show with a difference. Boasting a host of great songs, evocative acting and dancing with just the right amount of history and politics thrown in – it certainly delivers on so many levels.

Based in 1920’s Berlin during the decedent time of the Weimar Republic, Halbwelt Kultur is made up of 7 vignettes, giving us a glimpse into the lives of women from the era. Through music, dance and performance we are introduced to each woman, including cabaret icons and political revolutionaries. There’s Valeska Gert, boundary-pushing expressionist dancer, Claire Waldorff, openly gay entertainer, (with a fantastic drag cabaret performance), and Rosa Luxembourg, communist activist, shot dead during a political uprising.

As we explore the different facets of the women of Berlin the audience is treated to some excellent cabaret songs and dance, energetically performed by the Halbwelt girls in some rather sexy period lingerie! In swinging wildly from burlesque performances to political motifs Halbwelt Kultur runs the risk of demeaning the more serious themes; however the show handles this masterfully. The audience are transported seamlessly between vignettes, the music and performances allowing the atmosphere to change effortlessly, with none of the characters or stories losing their integrity. One notable example of this was the vignette featuring Anita Berberm, alcoholic and drug addicted dancer. Here the provocative and emotionally charged performance perfectly depicted Berberm’s character and culminated in a fantastically choreographed dance piece, respectfully paying homage to an icon.

Halbwelt Kultur transports the audience into the seedy, dark but creative and vibrant Berlin of the 1920’s. It also gives us an enlightening portrait of these cultural female icons. In this way I felt the show was certainly relevant today, the feminist themes and brazen sexuality resonate with the surge in action for gender equality and gay rights issues we’ve seen in recent times.

But enough of the social/political talk! Yes you can meditate on the various themes Halbwelt Kultur throws up, but also go for the fantastic, fun cabaret show it is – the great live music and performances, dancing and singing, that make this show one of the hottest tickets around!



Play Time!

27 Aug

Lately, I’ve noticed a few more theatre listings than normal on our site, so I thought I’d mention them in a bit more detail:

Sappho, the Halbwelt Kultur musical and Springtide are all coming to a theatre near you!



Sappho is described as a ‘lesbians Midsummers Nights Dream’.

Directed by Victor Sobchak and hosted at the Theatre Collection in Camden, “Saphho is a riotous romp across the slippery terrain of lesbian romance, as the goddesses on Olympus come down to earth to recruit among Sappho and her followers.


28 August to 15 September (Wednesday to Saturday 7.30pm, and on Sundays at 6 PM). 

Venue: Theatre Collection, 51 Camden Park Road, London NW1 9BH

 Get tickets.  Sappho on Facebook

Halbrelt Kultur

The Halbrelt Kultur is a new musical cabaret presenting snapshot vignettes of seven highly influential Weimar Republic women, including inspiring gay cabaret artiste Claire Waldoff, set against the sound of the period’s finest songs and the backdrop of the rise of World War II. image taken from Halbrelt Kultur FB page

Join the cast of beautiful women for a decadent evening of music, story telling and dancing in the beautiful surroundings of the Battersea Mess & Music Hall in Clapham Junction.

This Cabaret conjures,  re-creates and pays homage to seven legendary women from the intriguing tantalizing and scandalous Wiemar Republic. “Featuring a live band and seven beautiful women, the show immerses the audience in Weimar history and culture, both artistic and political. It narrates stories of the actresses, singers, writers and revolutionaries who became the icons of their various fields, and stitches monologue with some of the best cabaret songs of all time to form a rich tapestry of Weimar life. Tap into the life of courtroom journalist Gabriele Tergit as she recounts the trial of Adolf Hitler; pay a visit to Marlene Dietrich as you discover things you never knew about this Hollywood icon; salute socialist revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg as she rallies the troops and indulge in a provocative performance by the alcoholic drug addict Anita Berber.”

Thursday 29th August, 8pm-10.30pm show
Friday 30th August, 8pm-10.30pm show + Live Music & Vintage DJ set until 1am

Venue: Battersea Mess & Music Hall, 51 Lavender Gardens, London, SW11 1DJ

£12 Early bird tickets:


The Spring Tide


Also running throughout September 3 to the 21 is spring tide by Carl vine And  directed by Graham Hubbard.  ‘A gripping love story about Suzy’s struggle with her sexuality’

“Suzy has loved Lan her whole life, or so it seems. A world without Lan in it would be unimaginable. But the strongest feelings are also the most dangerous, and Suzy is afraid.  Instead of Lan, she opts for a life of safety, convincing herself over the years that this is the right path.

But even as life’s circumstances pull them apart, still they are drawn to one another by a deep and irresistible bond that is inevitable as the tide. After years apart, Lan’s final return shatters everything Suzy has made her own – a home, a husband, a son.  As her world begins to unravel, Suzy must confront her fears and her desire. A decision must be made, whatever the cost.”

3-21st September | Tues-Sat 7:30pm  | Sat&Sun 3:00pm
Tickets £15/£12

The Spring Tide – read more..

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